Hi Marsh, Emil and the rest of the R-Factor Band

Just finished talking to Marsh to tell him how off-the-charts SPECTACULAR The R Factor Band was at our wedding last Sunday. Our phone has been ringing off the hook, our e-mail in-boxes are full and everyone is saying the same thing, this was one FUN, high energy, spirited wedding! The dancing did not stop until the party was over. Our photographer, who has worked many Jewish weddings, said that she never saw a horah like ours. The young people even kept it going, singing “Od Yishoma” on their own, while the band watched, smiling. You don’t get that kind of smoking carry-over unless the band had already lit the fire! Many special moments happened on that dance floor, Mike and Leigh doing their crazy father-daughter dance, brother of the bride singing “SHOUT”, and me, along with David (the groom), and others, singing “Mustang Sally”. All the New York friends, and more, kick dancing in a circle to “New York, New York”. Conga lines snaking around the room. No wonder people are still talking!

My only regret is that I never actually talked to the band myself that night to tell them how GREAT it all was…I was too caught up in the moment, so maybe that is actually a sign of total success. So I am writing today to tell you how great you were, that you MADE THE PARTY. I am attaching a few pictures taken by friends, so you can see for yourself how unforgettable it was. And yes, that is the mother of the bride, me, and the groom, singing Mustang Sally!

Still two kids left to marry off…so I hope our paths will cross again!

Many, many thanks again for everything!

Sally Abrams

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